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All automotive windshields sold are made of “laminated safety glass.” Your windshield is two pieces of glass laminated with thin layer of plastic sandwiched in between them. If a rock hits your windshield and damages it, we can seal it with our rock chip repair system before it cracks requiring you to purchase a windshield. (Rock chips must meet certain criteria to be repairable.)

The repair system we use is a “vacuum system” and has been successful all over the country for over a decade. The system removes the air from the rock chip and seals it with a clear resin preventing the chip from turning into a crack. This whole process can be completed in about 15-20 minutes. We can repair rock chip up to the size of a quarter.

Rock chips will sometimes have splinters or circles like a bull’s eye and can often start larger cracks in your auto glass. By getting a rock chip repaired, you may not be able to get all of your clarity back, but you will be able to re-bond the glass so the crack does not spread and you can prolong the usefulness of your windshield.

There is no real way to tell if or when a rock chip will start to spread. Before it starts to spread, take action at Jaguar Land Rover Calgary and have it professionally repaired by one of our technicians.