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Mike Bresett

Mike Bresett | General Manager

Mike is recognized as a distinguished leader in the automotive industry with 17 years of hands on experience.  His dedication to Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction differentiates him from his esteemed colleagues. He is a hard-core sports enthusiast & periodically likes to get people going by referencing his sports- related analogies as part of his point, be prepared!  Mike is a seasoned trailblazer and admired for his mentoring skills, you will get an honest and respectful answer; but he is never satisfied with status-quo. While he may be tall in stature, his approachable character and infectious laugh make him instantly comfortable to be around.

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Jill Timmins

Jill Timmins | Director of Client Experience

Jill is a highly motivated, business-savvy professional with an effective blend of leadership, management and financial competences, developed over 25 years of practical experience. With a solid track record in the high-end Luxury goods business, Jill has enjoyed success in senior role capacities at Holt Renfrew, Skyservice Business Aviation and the last 18 months at Jaguar LandRover. Jill is committed to service excellence and elevating the overall experience to reflect the brand’s prestige. Jill grew up in Montreal & is fluent in English and French. 

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Glenna McCormack

Glenna McCormack | Controller

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Richard Mockler

Richard Mockler | Brand Manager

This quintessential Irish import is a class-act. Richard is a seasoned veteran in this industry with a very unique & bespoke polish about him. He is the third generation of his family to sell Jaguars. The customer is everything in Richards’s eyes and he demonstrates this daily. He works tirelessly to serve our clients in such a way that his reputation to meet the customer’s expectations is nothing less than legendary.  (3rd generation)Born in Ireland, Richard is fluent in Gaelige

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Doug Barber

Doug Barber | Brand Manager

Doug has accrued 15+ years of management experience during his career, 5 of those have been in the automotive business, an industry he is very passionate about. Doug loves to take on challenging projects, access what is and isn’t working and puts a plan in place to ensure sustained improvement. Doug’s newest assignments are that of Assistant Brand Manager in the brand new renovated preowned facility. He is a strong coach and mentor to his team. 

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Dave Wickham

Dave Wickham | Brand Specialist

David is a true- gentleman. As our most senior serving brand ambassadors, David’s impressive tenure ship with the brand spans over a 40 year period. David is well known and very a well-respected member of our team.  In addition to David’s true love for this iconic British Brand, he is also fond of: Trap & Skeet shooting, cooking and showing golden retrievers. David is a pleasure to chat with and given the chance to sit down with him, you would quickly learn that he has an impressive mental archive of stories and adventures from over many years of service. 

Phone: 866.274.4080
Ken Leslie

Ken Leslie | Brand Specialist

Ken is our Superstar, eight (8) years with the company & recognized as Gold-Certified Sales Associate. He has more than 25 years in automotive service under his belt. More recently, over the course of the last 15 years Ken has been associated with the luxury brand business having been with Lexus, before joining JLR Calgary. Ken has held the highly-decorated title of Top Salesman of the year for Jaguar in Canada for (five) 5 years running. Professional, knowledgeable and customer-service -focused best describe Ken’s top strengths.  The majority of Ken’s clients are repeat clients that insist on only dealing with him. 

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Kent Chow

Kent Chow | Brand Specialist

Kent joined us at the beginning of the summer, coming from over a decade in the Finance sector. You would honestly be hard pressed to find a nicer, more sincere and likeable guy, Kent is delightful. The best way to describe him you ask? He is a true gentleman, a terrific colleague to his team mates & his clients constantly sing his praises: “just great to work with, easy going, pays attention to details, and above all keeps his word. When Kent breaks away from work, you can find him playing a little ice hockey or practicing the art of Jiu-jitsu.

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Hitesh Moudgil

Hitesh Moudgil | Brand Specialist

2017 Salesman of the Year

In addition to having a strong command of the following languages: (English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu) Hitesh is a mild mannered, very pleasant guy that has an incredible feel for fashion as well. He is a rising star in the automotive world and attributes his success to his: Attention to detail, in-depth product knowledge, and follow up skills. 



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Mark Sibley

Mark Sibley | Brand Specialist

Mark has spent the vast majority of his career in the automotive business. During his 14 years span of experience & prior to joining JLR Calgary Mark held the titles of both Sales Associates as well as Business Finance Manager. In addition Mark has  dabbled in a few  other business’s from start-up’s to established firms  where he lent his consulting experience, in an effort to help them get off to the right start. Mark is a true entrepreneur at heart, but his passion for everything automotive coupled with his business drive have landed him where he belongs here at Jaguar Land Rover in Calgary.

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Tariq Bhatti

Tariq Bhatti | Brand Specialist

Tariq has only been in the automotive business for 6 years, but don’t let this fool you… this guy gets it. Tariq’s history includes 15 years in the retail sector with 8 of those in a Management role, leading others to deliver fantastic customer service. Prior to this, Tariq spent 3 years studying hotel management. His number one focus is customer satisfaction; his customer feedback is that he is both humble and trustworthy. Given this, it is truly no surprise that Tariq received the award for top product specialist recently.  When he is not at work, Tariq loves spending time with his family.

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Marie Tarun

Marie Tarun | Business Manager

Marie is our “little firecracker” measuring a whopping 5’5’’ with 4’’heals on.  She is organized, intelligent and possesses excellent customer service skills. Given a challenge, she will stand her ground and win. Marie has been with the organization for 9 years, starting her career as a Warranty Administrator and eventually transitioned into the Finance office. She is a great team player and cares about the customer experiences. Marie is fluent on English and Tagalog. 

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Danielle Chesney

Danielle Chesney | Business Manager

Our beautiful Danielle has been with this organization for a little over 4 years. She is a self-starter, goal focused, driven professional with 7 solid years of experience in the automotive industry in a Finance Manager capacity. Danielle’s approach to contributing to the Company’s bottom line profit is professional and on point with the brand, her mantra is to listen to the customer, understand their needs and deliver on their expectations, always creating a great experience. 

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Mike Kipper

Mike Kipper | Service Manager

There is only one Mike Kipper. Unique individual, with an innate talent to connect with anyone in front of him, Mike is a pro on the service desk. Very experienced with many years at high end luxury dealerships including; Aston Martin, Bentley as well as JLR Calgary. Mikes modus operandi is simple: Listen to the customer’s needs, present customer with plan to accomplish work, keep customer informed and have fun along the way. Internally he is recognized as a team player, problem solver with fanatical attention to detail. 

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Matthew Seman

Matthew Seman | Assistant Service Manager

Matt has been a valuable asset to our Service team at JLR Calgary for close to seven (7) years now. He is very much a customer-centric focused individual and works as late as he has to, in order to resolve any issues. He is a wealth of knowledge in troubleshooting mechanical related issues and is a solutions oriented individual. Starting his career as junior advisor, he has worked very hard to climb the ladder and join the management team in supporting the balance of the advisors in their day to day duties. Matt has also become a husband, father and home-owner over the course of the last year. 

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Scott Nicholson

Scott Nicholson | Service Advisor

Scott is no stranger to this business; he has 30+ years of experience in the industry. He has held a multitude of different positions and possesses an impressive diversification in terms of his skillset and training. Amongst them: Service Manager, Dispatch, Parts, Warranty Admin, & Service Advisor. In addition to all of this well-rounded experience, Scott also has 10 years of technical experience behind him. Scott is a true wizard when it comes to understanding the complexities of how vehicles run and work; he has personally restored several cars including a 69 triumph, a 71 Impala & a 76 Camaro. When he isn’t working on a vehicle he can be found just about anywhere as long as it is outside, he is a true outdoor enthusiast.

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Alan Chung

Alan Chung | Service Advisor

Alan joins us from BWM with 4 years of Service Advisor and customer service experience under his belt. Alan is extremely gentle & considerate individual with amazing attention to detail in everything he touches. Whether on the he’s on the phone, or you are sitting in front of him, there is never a doubt about the lengths of which he will go to, to communicate effectively & be empathetic in his approach. There is never any uncertainty, his willingness to trouble shoot the absolute best outcome and solution to a problem is consummate. Alan cares, and his customer feel cared for. When Alan takes time off you may very well find him playing in the snow, snowboarding or snowmobiling.

Phone: 403.255.1994
Steve Gills

Steve Gills | Service Advisor

Phone: 403.255.1994
Angie Dodge

Angie Dodge | Appointment Coordinator

While Angie has just recently relocated to Calgary & is relatively new to the dealership she has been with the company for a number of years all in direct Customer Service capacities. With more than 25 years of experience, Angie is very good at what she does by nature because is it part of her DNA to do what she can to please others. Patient, soft-spoken, solution oriented, Angie will go the extra mile with a smile, to find the answers that will suit her customer’s needs. Angie and her husband are very happy to call Calgary home now, where they are in much closer proximity to their 2 precious daughters.

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Amanda Holloway

Amanda Holloway | Lead Receptionist

Amanda is a new addition to our reception team. She recently got married, bought a house & got a dog. Prior to joining us, Amanda was with her last company for 10 years. Amanda loves a good challenge at work and thrives on learning new things. Amanda’s career goals are simple: she is happy when she is doing what she loves, which is working in a positon where she can exercise both her customer service skills and put her very strong administrative skills to work.

Phone: 403.255.1994
Alyssa Liu

Alyssa Liu | Receptionist

This lovely lady is an important part of our reception team. She is one of the first people you see when you walk in the door, never without a genuine smile and sparkle in her eye. This ambitious long-haired beauty is also completing her business degree with her eye set on pursuing law school once she has finished her degree.   Friendly, personable, customer-focused and always willing to help. It is important to Alyssa that every customer finds what they are looking for & leaves happy. One little known fact about Alyssa is that her name is not pronounced as it is spelt… pronounced: [al-yz-aa]

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Dani Kam

Dani Kam | Receptionist

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Julia May

Julia May | Receptionist

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Brittany  Ditchfield

Brittany Ditchfield | Receptionist

Britney is one determined young lady, if she wants something she puts her mind to it and makes it happen. By enlarge her discipline comes from 7 years of competitive dance. She has performed at the grey cup, Disney land parade & WE day (Charity with focus on children) .Britney oversees the administrative complexities in our preowned building. She gets excited when she speaks about working with customers to help them out. Her favourite part is when they leave with a smile on their face.

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Kendall Nagel

Kendall Nagel | Inventory

Phone: 866.274.4080
Alyssa Desjardin

Alyssa Desjardin | Client Experience Admin

Alyssa was a welcomed addition to our client experience team, joining us at the beginning of the year. Prior to becoming part of our team, Alyssa’s career comprised of many administrative complexities in addition to direct client care. Her studies in Commerce allowed her to excel in this field. With more than ten years of practical experience in overall office management and compliance, she excels in assisting Executives, Accountants, and Lawyers. When Alyssa is not working, she loves spending time with her daughter.

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Jan Christensen

Jan Christensen | Shop Foreman

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Jeff Normandeau

Jeff Normandeau | Senior Jaguar Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Albert Pabico

Albert Pabico | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Andrey Skorobogatov

Andrey Skorobogatov | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Tony Fernando

Tony Fernando | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Greg Laws

Greg Laws | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Orlando Sobremonte

Orlando Sobremonte | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Ryan Simundson

Ryan Simundson | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Todd McCaffery

Todd McCaffery | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Warden Karastas

Warden Karastas | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Dan Claassen

Dan Claassen | Technician

Jonathan Cron

Jonathan Cron | Technician

Phone: 866.274.4080
Melchor Padilla

Melchor Padilla | Technician

Brent Clements

Brent Clements | Apprentice

Phone: 866.274.4080
Kasia Makowski

Kasia Makowski | Assistant Parts Manager

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Keith Klaiber

Keith Klaiber | Parts Advisor

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Tyler Patton

Tyler Patton | Parts Advisor

Phone: 866.274.4080 • Email:
Shawn Young

Shawn Young | Junior Parts Advisor

Ian Castillo

Ian Castillo | Detail Manager

Phone: 403.255.1994 • Email:
Jacky Wu

Jacky Wu | Detail

Phone: 866.274.4080
Rose Venn

Rose Venn | Detail

Phone: 866.274.4080
Scott Sengvantghong

Scott Sengvantghong | Detail

Phone: 866.274.4080
Shqiponja Meka

Shqiponja Meka | Detail

Phone: 866.274.4080

Jordan Rea | Detail

Phone: 403.255.1994
Karl Lugtu

Karl Lugtu | Detail

Phone: 403.255.1994
Denison Santiago

Denison Santiago | Detail

Kent  Abadiano

Kent Abadiano | Detail

Erwin Landicho

Erwin Landicho | Detail

Murray Reid

Murray Reid | Lot Attendant

Phone: 866.274.4080
Art Cameron

Art Cameron | Lot Attendant

Phone: 866.274.4080
Cary Wise

Cary Wise | Lot Attendant

Phone: 403.255.1994
Haydn Reynolds

Haydn Reynolds | Lot Attendant

Phone: 403.255.1994
Scott Craigen

Scott Craigen | Service Lot Attendant

Phone: 866.274.4080
Allan Novodvorsky

Allan Novodvorsky | Shuttle Driver

Phone: 866.274.4080
Ennio Trevisanut

Ennio Trevisanut | Shuttle Driver

Phone: 866.274.4080
James Ashmore

James Ashmore | Shuttle Driver

Phone: 866.274.4080
Glen Montgomery

Glen Montgomery | Shuttle Driver

Phone: 866.274.4080